Why do we mostly think that we’re ruling our lives and actually we’re not

You know that feeling so well: You fall in love with something, your heart’s beating, you feel you’ve been deeply touched. And then you make a decision: “Yes, I wanna go for this! I wanna make it part of my life! Let’s start! – Tomorrow or even right now! It feels so exciting!”

Some time passes by and you meet an old friend. She’s so glad to see you and recalls how inspired she felt by your excitement at that period of time. She asks you: “How are you doing? What about the decision that you made? How does it feel like? Is it really so exciting as you were describing? Do you feel happy?”

…very distantly you remember of the promise you made to yourself. It seems not to be real anymore… What happened? Where did it go wrong? There are so many reasons, why it was not possible: “Oh, the weather was not right, my physical condition was not right, the time was not right…” Obviously, there’s something that kept you not doing what you decided on. But is it really the way you wanted to end up?!

In yoga philosophy there’s a concept of two voices that are competing within ourselves – the voice of the Heart and the voice of Ego. You got so touched by the voice of your Heart – there was something so inspiring and fulfilling… and finally you ended up not following that voice. The Ego stepped out, finding many reasons and explanations, why to change the decision you already made. It even felt good to listen to that voice. It gave you feeling of strength while being in charge of your decisions. Definitely you wanted to go for the right one… The arguments of Ego were so convincing – it felt even liberating. But do you really feel liberated now - when you’re able to observe the entire process from a different perspective?

Are we really so powerless in front of the Ego or could we avoid becoming its victim next time? I am convinced that there are some useful strategies that can make us really strong for that fight. What about writing down small reminders of your wish, when you’ll next time feel excited about something that you would like to implement into your life and placing them on visible spots you usually pass by? In this way the voice of Ego will be directly confronted with your original intention.

In Kundalini Yoga, the very first step on the way towards happiness is the commitment – the ability to pick up one thing and stick with it all the time. …I decided to choose the way of happiness in my life and next time when I’ll hear the voice of my Heart I’m definitely going to stick as many Post-It notes around as possible! What about you?

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